The Cliburn Announces 2023-2024 Concert Season

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HOMECOMING concert + party

A showcase celebration of the Cliburn's last decade, featuring Anderson & Roe, Angela Cheng, Daniel Hsu, Fei-Fei, Vadym Kholodenko, Joshua Roman, Thomas Yu, and more

Watch this meticulous, COVID-era piano cover of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'


"I'm naturally an introvert, so I don't find it challenging to be at home," says Thomas Yu, a periodontist and gifted classical pianist based in Calgary.

But with his periodontal practice closed in order to contain the spread of COVID-19, Yu has had extra time on his hands for piano-related projects.

"It's music now that will help keep everyone smiling," he said.

Thomas Yu returns home to play 'bucket list' concerto with SSO

Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Dr. Thomas Yu likes to think of his dual existence as a professional periodontist and an amateur pianist as separate parts of his life, but there are times when they overlap.

The Benefits of Studying Classical Music: Thomas Yu, periodontist

The New Classical FM

Today, let’s meet Thomas Yu. He is a periodontist who kept up his piano chops to a very high level – high enough that I actually forget he’s a medical professional – I keep thinking of him as a pianist who happens to do periodontal stuff on the side.

Back-to-back Van Cliburn winners Yu and Shih to perform benefit concert at Ware Center

Lancaster Online

When Lancaster pianist Christopher Shih competed in the 2011 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs, Thomas Yu was watching online from his home in Canada.

The two had met in 2007 at a festival showcasing award-winning amateur pianists. Shih won that prestigious competition in 2011. “I remember, as soon as he won, the first thing he mentioned to me was, ‘You’re next,’ ” Yu says.

In music of Debussy, Chopin and Schumann...he played like a pro, giving clean, flowing, atmospheric performances that displayed confidence and musical know-how.

Olin Chism, Fort Worth Star Telegram

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