September 2018

I had a blast being interviewed by Liz Parker from Classical FM in Toronto. I met Liz when I was living in Toronto and she was working for the Toronto Symphony. I will never forget our first formal meeting, because it never happened! Long story short, I missed our first formal encounter. I wanted to get advice about how to market myself. Naturally, her first suggestion to me was to never miss an appointment again! Whether Liz remembers this or not, I am lucky to be interviewed as part of her series, which features amateur musicians as myself.

And never in my wildest dreams would I have said “there’s almost nothing in common with having your hands in someone’s mouth versus on the piano”…but here it is (link below):


His Liszt had all the bravura and beauty you could hope for, and his Dutilleux was pure rock and roll.

Erica Worth, Chief Editor of Pianist Magazine

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