November 2014

Cam Fuller approached me with six questions to answer, and I enjoyed responding to all of them. They were intuitive questions, and they also made me chuckle. I hope you enjoy reading this article as I did! Credit for the incredible photo is from V. Tony Hauser. He has photographed many Canadian artists like Glenn Gould, Pinkas Zuckerman, Richard Bradshaw, and others like John Lennon! I am so lucky to be a part of his upcoming exhibition, to be release some time in the coming months.

Also, I was interviewed by the Saskatoon Symphony. Questions were asked, about why I perform, what makes me a musician, what I think a city needs to survive, so many deep thoughts. You can see as the interview progresses how more passionate I get, especially when I was asked why an orchestra is important to a city. If anything…you can use this interview to fall asleep if you’re an insomniac.

In music of Debussy, Chopin and Schumann...he played like a pro, giving clean, flowing, atmospheric performances that displayed confidence and musical know-how.

Olin Chism, Fort Worth Star Telegram

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