September, 2015

I was invited recently to be the guest artist at the 50th Gala event to celebrate the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. This college represents all post-graduate dentists who have passed their board exams to become specialists in their fields. It is a designation that I have as a periodontist and I am more than proud to bear the letters FRCD(C) behind my name. It does not represent something of status for me, but rather the almost impossible amount of hard work I put in during the extra four years after dental school. I remember preparing for my board exams and looking at my stack of notes that were almost 2 feet high. I was to learn and memorize every fact, line, author, and concept in those notes. To me, passing those exams in my final year from the University of Toronto was a life accomplishment. I found an old picture of me studying on the floor of my condo back in the day. Man, I am glad I don’t have to do that ever again!


The gala event was a wonderful night. Lots of great speakers as well as an exquisite meal prepared by celebrity chef Corbin Tomaszeski. I performed a mix of solo pieces and finished off with a song featuring Peter McCutcheon, formerly of the Canadian Tenors. What a lovely event it was, and I hope they ask me back for another gala some day!



His Liszt had all the bravura and beauty you could hope for, and his Dutilleux was pure rock and roll.

Erica Worth, Chief Editor of Pianist Magazine

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