January, 2016

Six years ago, I had some time and made a couple of Michael Jackson piano covers and posted them on YouTube. They garnered some success and popularity amongst viewers. My goal was to attract a different audience to the piano, and it was a success. The second goal was to have them see the classical videos I posted and attract them to a new sound. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to start my next project. The New Years Resolution is to record more...so here is my first cover. Radiohead’s masterpiece!

Anyone who dares to play Beethoven's last Piano Sonata Opus 111 must be fearless and confident in his skills. In the case of Thomas Yu, both are true...[He] plays the piece with elegance and depth...and his interpretation was the highlight of the festival day.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany's largest newspaper, translated.

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